Nicholas C. Christopher

917-670-2173    DOB:  April 1, 1954

www.nccworks.com   Nicholas@nccworks.com


 My fascination has always been in taking the tool of the Impressionists and early compositional photographers and moving the photograph into the realm of 'true art'.


Working only outdoors with available light I capture the visual juxtaposition of the shadows that play within a compositional 'color' palette. Dimensionality or lack thereof is a product of this interplay. Dimension and shadow increase during the assembly process taking my 2 dimensional compositions and adding depth. Now light & shadow play a new role in creating a 3 dimensional finished work. The assembly rests on a wall, which is now also part of the paradigm.


Many of my pieces are conceived and photographed during my travels. Work is shot in the moment and then set on my digital screen. Nothing is final – the images float until they find their own synchrony. In a sense I capture brush strokes, either still or in motion, which are then arranged into a new visual percept. Light and color for their own sake. Removal of the subjects 'real world' definitions moves the viewer further into their own imagination and visual reference points.

I work with both a Nikon SLR digital camera and an iPhone to create my stock impressions, though I find myself relying on the iPhone more often.

Art Fair:

2015   Scope Art Fair 2015, December 1-6, 2015

           The Voice of the Artist, Miami Bch, FL

2013   Art Southampton 2013, July 25-29, 2013

           Represented by Dorian Grey Gallery, NYC


One Person Exhibitions:

1986   Belanthi Gallery, Brooklyn, NYC

1984   Belanthi Gallery, NYC, ‘Photo-Abstractions’

1983   Belanthi Gallery, NYC, ‘Studies In Time’


Group Shows:

2020   Atlantic Gallery, NYC

2019   "Off The Wall 2", Plaxall Gallery, NYC

2019   Bowery Gallery, NYC

2019   Plaxall Gallery, L.I.C., NYC

2018   Gallery Raw @ The Factory, LIC, NYC

2018   'Sound and Image' - Westbeth, NYC

2018    Atlantic Gallery, NYC

2017   '2nd Annual Fall Salon' - Plaxall Gallery,

2017   'Art from the City's Heart - Plaxall Gallery

2017   Small Works - Riverside Library, NYC

2017   'Art Exhibition' - NY Borough President’s Gallery

2017    Blue Mountain Gallery, NY NY

2015   Exposure Awards, the Louvre Museum

2015   ‘Celebrating Our 75th Anniversary’ Federation of         

           Modern Painters & Sculptors – NY Borough 

           President’s Gallery

2014   "Works on Paper - Federation of Modern Painters &  

            Sculptors - Celebrating 75th Year"

2014   Aperture Foundation Gala Benefit Auction

            ‘The Bean’, 2012, Sold

1989   Whitman Gallery, Wingdale, N.Y.

1989   “Jet Lag”, ‘The Use of Travel and Tourism as Metaphor’,

            SoHo, New York City


  • J. Taylor Kasker, “Nicholas C. Christopher photographs movement”,

ARTSPEAK, June 1, 1986

  • Palmer Poroner, “Photography – the meaning of place”,

ARTSPEAK, October 1, 1984

  • Amy Winter, “Nicholas C. Christopher – An Odyssey in Color”,

ARTSPEAK, February 3, 1983


General Electric Corporation, New York City

Trans Sea Bulk, Inc., New York City

Private Collections:  San Francisco, New York City, Richmond VA, Amsterdam, Athens, London, Paris.


2017 - 'Happy Birthday Ike'- Child's photo book - private                       publication, Marilynn Karp - Publisher & Chef

2015 - 'The Voice of the Artist, a select collection of work', 15th              annual SCOPE Art Show, December 2015. 

2015 - 'The Exposure Award, Art Photography Collection',                      Exposure Awards, July 2015.


1978-1981    Theatre For The forgotten, New York City,

                     Documented CETA Arts Program.

1978             TOO LATE FOR YOGURT, Westbeth Theatre

                     New York City, Photographic Scenery

1977             NOEMATA, The Brooklyn Museum, New          

                     York City,Photographs for exhibition’s catalogue

                     and poster.

1974-1975    HANAC, Inc., New York City, Documented

                     community activities


Education:      Self -Taught